25 July 2012


I know I haven't posted either League (LAOS) or Sockboy in a few weeks. Rest assured, I'm working on it - I know the events of the next League chapter, and I have the next few Sockboy episodes written. However, I've just returned to work, and life is a little more insane than usual. Any spare time and brain power is being devoted to the novel. Hopefully I'll have an update on one or the other for you next week :)

Also, because I am CLEARLY AND CERTIFIABLY INSANE, I'm doing a course on Fantasy and Science Fiction through Coursera that started this week. You can do the assessment tasks and wotnot and get a pretty certificate at the end, but hello, work, baby, writing, LIFE, so I'm mostly just there to watch the lecture vids as I can and see what ideas I can glean. Especially since the course reading is a novel a week o.O But anyway, if I find any interesting insights, I'll post here :)

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