04 August 2012

Addendum to Busyness: Having Kids

My husband hates reading, loathes writing and has been known to sneeze at the sight of books. In spite of this, or, I secretly suspect, because of this, he occasionally comes out with some absolute gems. His metaphors are frequently mixed but often ingenius, and his observations insightful. One that struck me at the time and has subsequently stuck with me was something he said when the Small Person was about six weeks old - and it meshes nicely with the Busyness article from the other day.

I can't remember the phrasing, but the gist was this: everyone complains that kids make you busy, and to some extent that's true. But mostly, if you treat it right, kids are the world's best excuse for slowing down. Everything takes ten times longer, which can be stressful if you're trying to do as much as you did before. But if you treat parenthood as the opportunity to weed out everything that doesn't matter and just focus on what does, life becomes slower, and so, so much more meaningful.

One day, I'll make him read this. For now, suffice to say that I'm glad I married him. <3


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Oh. Wow.

That seriously makes me think!

Amy said...

I know, right. I was all like o.0 who are you? when he said it :D

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