18 August 2012

Farewell Giveaway!

Edit: Yes, giveaway is open internationally ;)

Okay. So. First of all, just because I am closing this blog, it does not mean I shall be non-existent on the interwebs. I still have twitter, facebook, and the website (which needs updating - schedule that on the to-do list :P), and as hinted at the previous post, a new blog. If you want, you can come hang out with me at http://decluttermanifesto.wordpress.com/.

Two things about that: One, I chose wordpress just so I didn't have to keep logging out of my email (gmail) all the time if I wanted to have it not connected to the profile I use on here, which I do, just because. And two, please don't be freaked out by the title. "Declutter" doesn't mean it's a cleaning blog. If that was the case, there'd be like one post on it EVER, outlining my tempestuous relationship with cleaning and leavning it at that :P No. It's about decluttering my HEAD as much as anything else, and it's a completely ecclectic bunch of stuff - basically whatever I'm reading/thinking about on the day. Rah.

Okay, next up, books. I have three books to give away: NYT BS Kiersten White's Paranormalcy; Holly Lisle's Create-a-Plot Clinic (ebook); and a pre-order of also-bestselling Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys, because OHMYGOSHYOUGUYS, this book is awesome. Edit: Oo, oo! And because my book The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs has just been released, I'll throw in a copy of that, too :D (ebook)

To enter, leave a comment with your email address and which book you'd like to win (you can choose more than one). Or, if you don't like leaving your email in public places, form is below (feedreaders may need to click through). Entries close on August 25, so you have a week. Good luck! And thanks again, you guys. It's been great.


Anonymous said...

Ohh, you're leaving this blog?! I had no idea. :S

Well, I've started following you at Wordpress and I already follow you in the other networks, so I hope I won't lose sight of you and your projects! :D I hope the new blog makes you happy, hehehe.

Is the giveaway open to everyone in the world? Cause I'd love to participate but, like you might recall, I'm in Chile, South America.

Thank you, in advance, for your reply! ;D And best of luck in the new blog!

Amy said...

Yes, of course, open internationally. Would be a pretty small list of entrants if I limited it to my own continent ;) :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Then I'm gonna send you my info right away. :D

I ask because most giveaways in blogs are usually for the country of the writer and nothing else... Or open only for North America or Europe and not Latin America... Or even, Latin America except Chile. LOL. So I'd rather ask than get my hopes up pointlessly!


Amy said...

Yeah, I know, I get that a lot too, being in Australia.

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