30 September 2013

Is this thing on?

Blogger stats informs me that more people are looking at this blog on a daily basis than at my actual blog. Suspicious creature that I am, I suspect it's mostly spammers (especially given the number of spam comments in my moderation box o.O), BUT if there really are people lurking out there in the corners of this blog still, well, HELLO THERE. IT IS NICE TO SEE YOU.

So here's the deal that will let me know whether this blog is still live or not (because clearly the frequency of authorial posting has nothing to do with a blog being 'live', or this blog would have died MANY A TIME). If I can have three - just three! - comments on this post - just a hey will do - then I may be convinced to cross post things back here, at least for a bit, and as a nod of respect to long-time lurkers, will post the cover of my up-coming release, To Dust, three days earlier on this blog than my official one.


So. Anybody out there?

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