02 November 2007

20% Rebate Scheme

I offer a no-questions-asked 20% rebate on any item from the HollyShop purchased through links on this website. The rebate also applies to Holly Lisle's How To Think Sideways and How To Revise Your Novel courses.

How it works: buy through my link in the sidebar (or on this page), email me a copy of your receipt, and at the end of the month in which you made your purchase I'll refund you 20% of the purchase price.


Because I'm part of her affiliate program, and I get a commission on all sales. To thank you for buying through my link, I want to share that commission with you.

Why at the end of each month? Because that's when I get paid.

How will I pay you? Payments will be made only via paypal.

So, to summarise:

* Buy any product from the HollyShop through my link in the sidebar, or sign up to Think Sideways or HTRYN;
* Email me your receipt;
* At the end of that calendar month, receive a no-questions-asked 20% refund to your paypal account, just for buying through my link.

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