21 April 2007

The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs

Leave a comment here to vote for which mistake you'd like me to read out for next Friday's 'podcast'!

People In Fur Coats

1) Emotion
2) Sweetness and Light
3) Intelligence
4) Causation


5) Age, Growth and Maturity
6) Gender
7) Imprinting and Instinct
8) The Breeds

The Senses

9) Sight
10) Sound
11) Smell
12) Taste
13) Touch


14) The Human Language
15) Dog to Human
16) Dog to Dog
17) Human to Dog


18) Terminology
19) Causation Revisited
20) Ways of Learning - and Teaching
21) Bad Habits
22) Memory and Rewards


23) Neutering
24) Pregnancy, Labor and Puppies
25) Mongrels


26) It's All About The Dog
27) The Glamour Factor
28) Natural Beauty


29) Injuries to People
30) Canine versus Feline
31) Domesticated Wolves
32) Dog Jobs
33) Fantasy Dogs


Windsong said...

Fantasy dogs, all the way. :D

Is it by strange coincidence that the word verification is lickis?

Lady Glamis said...

People In Fur Coats, please!

Inkblot said...

Glam, sweet, I can't read you the whole section :D Pick one! Just one! :) *huggles*

Dany - I shall possess abundant amusement for the rest of the day over your word verification %-) Mwa ha.


Lickis. *snort*

Beth said...

I second fantasy dogs.

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