23 April 2007

Works In Progress

Sanctuary (S) - When Edge is offered a place of refuge outside of her world, in Fairyland, she is thrilled. She's never had a place of her very own before - even if she does have to share it with the awful new girl, Gemma. So when things start going subtly wrong and the shadows start creeping in, Edge is outraged. Who would dare try to take her Sanctuary away from her? And what will she do when she realises the fate of her real-world home is tied to the fate of her Fairyland one?

First Draft

66657 / 50000 words. 133% done!

How Not To Take Over The World (HNOT) - Mercury, second youngest of seven siblings, went to Evil Overlord school to be different. After all, her parents are accountants, her other siblings are all sickeningly good - and she had to get attention somehow.

Shame, then, that her parents seem to have forgotten all about her.

But that's fine. Mercury will show them. Armed with her ferret familiar, Bystar, a stolen Key of Power, and the brains that got her this far, Mercury sets out to graduate at the top of her class so she can take over the city where her parents live. And even if the invasion doesn't catch their attention, virtually exploding the world when she gets a bit too close to an Eye ought to do it...

First Draft

54016 / 75000 words. 72% done!

The Hunter Hunted (HH) - Humans are weak, fragile things. Every tiger knows that. They need protection and that's what tigers know is their highest duty, decreed by their god, Targil. But after a hard winter, the tribe is starving. When Avinash finds a sickly human alone in the jungle it's more than he can resist. Avinash's action throws the tribe into turmoil. Will Targil punish Avinash for what he has done? Or will he leave that to the humans, who suddenly don't seem so weak and fragile?

First round of edits, as per the HTRYN course. Lesson 3 out of 20.

Fever and Earth (F&E) - Outcast because of his mixed blood, Orior is of age to make his own herd, and he has vowed that he will defy the traditions of the four herds and make a place where equids like him are welcome. But the opposition of the herds is not the only trial he must face, for each herd has its own magic, and they have never been so mixed before...

First Draft

574 / 20000 words. 3% done!


Lisa Amowitz said...

Holy cow! You are IMAGINATIVE! I admire! I ADMIRE!!

Inkblot said...

lol, thank you very much :D

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