12 December 2007

How To Find Your Writing Discipline

I got the book today. Hoo-rah!

As I expected, it is straightforward, simple, and smack-yourself-in-the-head obvious.

But sometimes it takes someone else telling you to make it work.

As a result, I spend the car trip to my sister's school this evening thinking in a structured manner about writing - and surprise, surprise, I got results.

See, I always think about writing. Most writers do, I suspect. Thinking of some aspect of the process whether it be the story, a plot twist, figuring out a tricky bit, working through some dialogue or just general world and character building... Yeah, you know what I mean. We do it all the time - it's an obsession - a fever of ink, if you will :)

But in all that thinking, I never seemed to get anywhere.

Today, putting into practice my new-found knowledge about the magic of setting goals, I Got Somewhere. In fact, I figured out most of the magic system for one of my wips, workingly-titled Choice. I've known for years - literally - that this story had magic, but I just couldn't figure out why, and thus I had no idea how.

But at last I've figured out why these people have magic, which has allowed me to think about how it might work, and thus what they might use it for... Which in turn has opened up a whole realm of cultural ness that feels as though it's just always been there, rather than me having to dredge it all up from scratch.

I love logic.

And we all know, I love Holly Lisle's non fiction. Once again, I've not been disappointed :)


Ashtah said...

I saw the link to the book, and was very tempted... May have to sneak a peak at your copy and see if it's worth it (funds are little non-existent at the moment) Maybe someone can get it for me for Christmas! (Though I've already got Making Money, so I'd better not be too greedy)

Inkblot said...

Gah! Comments!

*hugs Ashtah*

Is there no way for this contraption to let me /know/ when people comment?? *sigh*

Though I swear there were no comments last time I looked, which was definitely post-December 10, if not 13...

(Heh heh, /post/-December...)

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