03 December 2007

Life After Nano

So here I am. It is the third of December; three days post-Nano.

And I have written only 198 words.

I am determined to get Evil Overlord finished by the end of the year - the very thought! I, to have finished a novel... - but without the impetus of Nano to speed me forward, I seem to be struggling.

I suppose this is due to two main factors. Firstly, I have been looking forward to relaxing holidays all year, and Nano was a lot more frantic than I had expected it to be. So, to get me through it, I was hanging out for holidays in December. But if I want to finish the story, I need to be doing 1k a day.

It's not a huge amount, I know. But it's enough. A good, solid, concentrating hour. And my brain seems to have had enough of concentrating.

The other reason is that there is just so much else that needs doing. We're currently in the process of ripping up our old carpet (only to find layer upon layer of old, partially-mouldy underlay stuck to the floorboards) and the house is a shambles. Every book I own is balanced precariously on one double and triple stacked bookcase, with books reaching to the roof and the only thing holding them all on the sheer tightness of the packing, right in the middle of my kitchen. Which is not large to begin with.

And husband does, after all, require some attention, after a month of near-total neglect :)

So I shall plod onwards, reminding myself whenever I wish to stop, or start a newer, funner story, or get distracted by writing about writing instead of writing, that I do want to be a Writer, that I will be a Writer, and that this is what being a Writer means.

One word after the next, one letter at a time.


Ashtah said...

No more words? This is not good! All the characters are stuck in limbo. They will haunt you until you finish it... (as will us limboed readers)


(Just a friendly suggestion ...for the moment)

Ashtah said...
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