10 January 2008

Another Breakthrough

A long time ago, way back in highschool, I began a story. It was archaic and stilted - and had a horrible title - but I knew that somewhere, somewhere, there was something worth working on in it.

It was the first piece I ever submitted to Critique Circle; I chose it because I had no emotional attachment to it and so thought I wouldn't mind people telling me how horrible it was.

To my surprise, they didn't. My suspicions that there was something worthwhile in there was confirmed. So I worked on it.

The character that was supposed to be the villain became sympathetic, and eventually developed into a main character with his own story. I tried to weave his story in with the original main character in a story I temporarily titled Search... But it just didn't work.

And so, for months, I stalled. I couldn't figure out where to go with her story, and his story needed so much more worldbuilding to make it plausible.

But today...

Today I had a breakthrough. At work, scribbling away while I scanned, writing down my goals for the coming year, I began to think about this story, and what needed to happen.

And now I have at least two thirds of a semi-decent outline.

And I made an important discovery - once again, it was the muse balking that was holding me back. But this time the muse was balking for a good reason: the beginning was wrong.

All it took was a change from a slow, drawn-out and expected death to a quick accident, and voila! Beginning problem solved.

Now I can't wait to keep working on it :)

If only I could finish Evil Overlord first...


Ashtah said...

Good news - good luck!

...how so many entries got up here without me noticing is a major mystery. I have definitely visited since the beginning of January! *confused frown*

Patrick Dale said...

huzzah! Breakthroughs on Search! I've been dying for this news. I await with baited breath. Literally, I have bait on my tongue. Write this soon, people are starting to complain.


Inkblot said...

Ew, get that bait off your tongue, it's making your breath stink!!


Chapters coming to a queue near you in early Feb, cross my heart (X)

Ashtah - am doing one entry a week, unless there's majorly exciting news to share, so if ever you don't get notified...

Ashtah said...

*confused frown* Aren't you supposed to be summer camping? Or is that later this week?

Inkblot said...

Am mid-way through the post detailed when I'm away... :)

But for your considered information, no, it begins tomorrow :) I did wonder why you included summer camp wishes with the wedding well-wishes!

PS - Pat, thanks for your enthusiasm :)

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