18 January 2008

No News...

...is not always good news. More likely, it means I've been slacking on the writing and have nothing to report O:)

In my defense, this has turned into a ridiculously busy week. Two friends are getting married on Sunday and there's been lots of 'preparing' to do...

I have, however, managed to complete chapter 19 of Evil Overlord - which means only two more chapters to write, since I've done 22 and 23 already. Apparently, I really hate climaxes |:\

Can we take a vote - who would be willing to read a book that skipped straight from the build-up to the denouement? O:)

Also making news this week... I've devised a schedule for myself for writing this year. I suspect it's way too optimistic, but meh. At least it gives me something to aim for.

Finally, I'm very excited. At the beginning of the week, over on Critique Circle, I deleted my personal queue and created several smaller ones instead. I'm very happy, because they're proving to be rather successful, in that people are using them and critting on them, and conversing on my forum. Hoorah.

*hugs virtual friends*

*casts furtive glance around room*

*chains virtual friends to wall to prevent escape*

*speaks loudly to muffle the screams* Isn't it lovely being popular?

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