01 May 2008

April in Review

This is a little late I know, and yes I am back dating this entry - but I have to at least pretend that I'm up-to-date with something in my life at the moment O:)

So, here's what I accomplished in the month of April:

* 17,388 words total. I am absolutely stoked about this - this is my best word count ever, apart from Nano :)
* Of which, 8,842 on Logan. A little shy of the 10k I'd hoped for, but the total w.c. is so shiny that I don't really mind.
* Edited 1.5 chapters of TBAEO. Pathetic. Really, I mean pathetic. I blame it on the fact that it was all-new material, so it was in effect first draft writing, not editing. :S
* Polished In Search of Freedom. FINALLY. This was on my to-do list for JANUARY. But, happiness, I also submitted it to a publisher - my first ever query.
* One of my CC friends, in a determine attempt to teach a few of us 'I Can't Write Anything Short' people how to write shorts, started a queue where we have weekly prompts and have to write 1 story per week to a maximum word count of 3000 words. I wrote 2 stories for this (The Dress and Murder, though Murder I'd started last year). I also finished Bran prior to the establishment of this queue, and...
* Wrote something that was supposed to be a short but has turned into a new novel, now called The Project. I'm summarising it as Huxley's Brave New World meets Wells's The Time Machine, plus magic. Much fun :D
* To top it all off, I critiqued an entire novel for a friend, and stayed on top of all my uni assessment.

So, all in all a very productive month :) Here's to May! :D


Spartezda said...

Dayum. *is impressed*

Inkblot said...

Not sure what 'dayum' means, but thanks :D I was rather impressed too. Apparently, I work better under stress. Who knew? *rolls eyes*

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