24 April 2008

Welcome to the Land of Queries

Well, it's officially official. I just sent off my first ever query letter :)

The slippery little suckers are, unfortunately, much harder to write than they look, but with some help from my pals over at Critique Circle, hopefully I've done well enough :)

The query was for my play, In Search of Freedom, and has marked my official transistion from 'Person who likes writing and dabbles in it occasionally, and daydreams about being able to do it as a career' to 'Person who is determined to make this her career no matter what'. Okay, maybe not 'no matter what' - I mean, I'm not going to go jumping off cliffs or alienating my loved ones or overdosing on honeysuckle or anything stupid like that. But I AM proud of the fact that I've made another step along the path to 'going pro'. It feels... shiny.

So now all that's left to do is sit back, cross my fingers, and hope like mad that they like it :)

Wish me luck!! :)


Ashtah said...

Luck * 2. Looking forward to hearing about how they go!

Inkblot said...

Thanks muchly - so am I! :D:D

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