30 January 2008



I've just completed my first ever novel!

*does happy dance*

And right in time... We're going out to dinner tonight, and now it can be a celebration dinner too :)

Thank you everyone for pushing me to finish :) I owe you all :)


Ashtah said...

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! :)

Fireworks all around, and a glass of bubbly something for you! (Not champagne as that is yuck. Hmm, actually, do you dislike bubbly, I think you might. Well a glass of anything you like!)

Inkblot said...

Couldn't say about the bubbly, not having tried it and all (and not drinking alcohol, remember...?), but Patritti Golden Muscatel is about the most heavenly grape-derived drinkable-stuff on the planet :)

Thanks for the congrats :D

PS Your turn next. Yes, I insist. No, I won't stop bugging you.

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