31 January 2008

Sometimes It Comes... And It Isn't What You Expected

I know, I know, I'm spamming you this week. I'm sorry. Hopefully, you'll cope.

Sometimes, the book you plan to write isn't the one that wants to be written. I sat down tonight, prepared to force myself to begin outlining The Black Gates.

Instead, I now have a 1300+ word outline for (temporary title) Logan's Prize. Stupid title, since he doesn't have a prize. Maybe I'll just nickname it Logan.

This story is a bit of history for The Black Gates; I've known the general gist of it for months now, but the story just came to me, a few weeks ago, first act complete, just like that. I could see the scenes vividly in my mind, and I just knew it would work.

I typed it up...

And then I lost it. I've spend the last two days scouring my home computer, my work computer, my email accounts and my notebooks... All to no avail.

So tonight, instead of outlining The Black Gates, I sat down to write what I knew about Logan. And ended up with a complete, finished outline.

I think Logan's impatient to be written. Athara may just have to wait...

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