05 February 2008

I Hate Writing?

So. It's the 5th of February, and my writing count for the month stands at a big fat zero. Not fun.

I sat down today to think about writing the beginning... And thought to myself - I hate beginnings. Somehow, they seem like they need to be more perfect than any other part of the story - it's what's going to hook people in, after all.

And then I remembered the trouble I had throughout January trying to finish TBAEO. I hate endings, remember?

All okay. Endings (including the climax) are hard too. So, I hate beginnings and endings... But I can do the middle.

Um, no.

Remember Nano, anyone?

So, I hate the beginning, the ending, and the middles...

Does this mean I hate writing? *grin* No. It just means that the process of writing a novel is a long and difficult one, and my brain is just a little bit lazy.

On that note, off to find a beginning...

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