03 February 2008

World Building - Too Many Ways To Do Things


It's the third of the month, and I haven't started writing yet.

I know why, and I need some advice...

Basically, I need to do a WHOLE heap more worldbuilding before I continue with any of my stories - and I mean a LOT. So my dilemma is thusly:

Do I sit out the mini-nano we're doing over on critique circle and worldbuild industriously this month (something I find hard to concentrate on in large amounts), or do I write the story anyway, knowing the worldbuilding will be thin and the characters not fully rounded until about half way through??

Which is basically what happened with TBAEO, being a true Nano. It's going to need a complete revamp come rewrite time.

And of course, there's styles of planning to consider - what if writing the story and world building as I go is just the way I work?

Argh. Why can't there just be one definitive way to do this?!


1 comment:

Ashtah said...

Well, you feel you want to give pre-planning a try. So do so - if it's not for you, you will find out by doing. : ) (Yes, I know, I'm one to talk)

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