25 February 2008

A New Method

Sorry to have been scarce lately. A last minute course change at uni and the associated dilemmas has left me reeling and my writing stumped.

But anyway.

So, at the beginning of last week I read this awesome entry in Lisa Shearin's (author of Magic Lost, Trouble Found) blog. I looked at the pictures and went - :O that's awesome! Post-it notes!!

They're like index cards, except smaller, cheaper and sticky. As in, they can stick on things. Like walls. And wardrobes. And then you can see them all at once, and get a nice clear picture of how things are going, and they don't take up massive amounts of space on the floor like index cards.

As soon as I can, I'll upload some picture of my new wardrobe decorations O:)

I'm in love :)

And of course, the other major benefit is that they come in multiple colours and sizes - and multicoloured post-it notes are much MUCH cheaper than multi-coloured index cards. Why do I want multi-coloureds? Editing, of course...

Editing. Scheduled for Next Week. How exciting and terrifying, all at once :)

To make up for my lack of posts last week, I'll post twice this week. Although, despite the fact I'd like to think that the reason I've not received horrible emails asking why I haven't posted is because you're all lovely, patient people, I suspect it's actually because I'm speaking to a void.... Do correct me if I'm wrong and you're really out there reading :D

Later this week: Preparing to edit, and pictures of my shiny post-it notes.


Lisa Shearin said...

I'm so glad my "post-it mural" inspired you. ; ) It is a wonderful way to organize ideas!

Take care,

Inkblot said...

Thanks for stopping by Lisa :)

Yes, I'm looking forward to uni settling down a bit so I can really sink my teeth into the post-it notes :D

(Fun image...)

Ashtah said...

Although I have occasionally been described as a void, I am not sure it is an appellation I appreciate... : )

Inkblot said...

Awww, I know /you're/ not a void, I promise :)

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