14 February 2008

Progress Report

Not much to report. BG is coming along... Not quite as fast as I'd like, but meh. I have to learn that any progress is better than none.

Word count is currently about 6500. If I'm good and spend the next hour editing the few scenes that need to be edited I can include them in my count, and it will jump to about 11,000. Which would put me a scant 3500 behind. Which is fine.

It's been an interesting experience, trying to integrate the scenes I had written for Search which are to be included in BG. Why? Because my writing, believe it or not, has actually visibly improved. It should hardly be surprising, I suppose, given I've written an entire sixty-two thousand word novel in the interim (inconsistent though it may be), and yet, somehow, it is surprising.

But it makes integrating the old scenes into the new quite tricky.

So. I should go edit, shouldn't I... O:)

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