11 March 2008

Edit Update


So, I went away this weekend expecting to get some work done. I did NOT expect to nearly complete the pre-edit work. But I did, and I'm so excited!

I have seven pages of A4 paper covered in pretty coloured post-it notes (since I felt I couldn't really post-it note other people's walls! And besides, my plotting is now transportable...) with scribbles and arrows and colour-coding and all. Much fun. AND it includes 12 new scenes, which means (based on average scene lengths for the book) another 19,200 words, bringing the word count up to about 75,000. Less the fat, of course. But a much more respectable length than 64k, at any rate :)

When I get home this evening I'll scrounge up some batteries for the camera and take photos. The notes look so bright and happy and colourful, it cheers me just thinking about them :)

Another tiny note of triumph - I managed to rewrite the first scene of BG which has been sticking me for ages, so hoorah :) Hopefully I can get back on track with that, provided uni doesn't become too hectic :)

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