11 March 2008


Finally, I have located batteries, the camera AND the card reader, all in the appropriate sequence and at about the same time.

Hence, I can now present for your viewing pleasure, pictures of my lovely post-it notes.

First, the BG plotting:

And photos of the TBAEO edit...

In accordance with Holly Lisle's One Pass Revision technique, green scenes need editing for flow etc only; yellow have at least one major plot point that needs to be changed/added/deleted; orange scenes need major reconstruction; and bright pink scenes are brand new scenes that need to be written.
Pale pink ones are ones that are in the first draft but that I think won't make it to the revised version.

As you can see, there is a surprisingly high proportion of green and yellow post-its, which I find extremely pleasing :) And the little tags are notes to myself - dialogue to include in scenes, thoughts about changing the order of scenes, etc.

I must say, this whole process has been an absolute blast :D Things like structure appear so much more easily when I have the frame of the first draft to work with, and drawing out and adding in subplot that relate to the themes of the novel - primarily acceptance, in the case of TBAEO - well, it's dead easy to see how they slot in when I see it all there in front of me like this :) I likes muchly.

As a final note, some observant readers may notice the gap between the rest of the TBAEO post-its and the final three green ones - that's because there's another scene before those that I wasn't sure if I wanted to change or not. I've decided now, and once I'm allowed to play again (once uni work is done) I'll dig out the post-its and fix up that final scene :)

Well, that's it for now. I hope this has been interesting for you! :)
Why can't first drafts be this fun?!


Ashtah said...


Krispy said...

That's pretty dang cool. Go you! Randomly, I <3 post-its. :)

Inkblot said...

I'm glad other people think it's cool :D

Semi-relatedly, on the topic of post-it notes, I discovered today that I have a Post-It Notes Pen!! It really is truly awesome. I've taken pics and will post in an hour or so :)

Ashtah said...

Where did my comment go? I posted here saying I was waiting on the post-it pen post, but it apparently didn't stick. (Over-use of post-it puns unintentional)

Inkblot said...

lol. Didn't see your comment, sorry. But shall endeavor to post post-it note pen photos today :)

Just_Me said...

Gracious, Inky, dearest! That's a lot of post-it-notes. I can only imagine what would happen if I put post-its all up and down my halls. I think Small and Pink would rearrange my book chapters, but I may try for Ice.

Inkblot said...

*is highly amused*

If you were famous you could sell her plots for millions. :D

*Wants to try mixing plot cards for the fun of it*

Merc said...

Very fun, Inky. :D I have neither wall, floor or ceiling space to try that, alas, and I think the cats and ferrets would have too much fun rearranging the novels on me. ;)

Maybe when it warms up and I can use the new unfinished bedroom in the new house. :P *is not doing anything in 10 F degree whether, regardless of the lack of windchill*


Inkblot said...

Well, I still recommend it. It's a lot of fun! :D And I'm very much a visual learner, so being able to see the whole novel laid out like that really helps me get a mental grip on it.


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