16 March 2008

Editing With Pens

Today's title is somewhat misleading, and yet precisely correct. I am editing with pens, not on the computer. However, that's not what I'm going to talk about.

Firstly, editing. I've discovered that I absolutely adore the editing process. Playing with my post-its was too much fun, and editing is nearly as good. I've also discovered, however, that part of the making-the-book-better process is this nasty thing called Rewrites. Editing I like. Rewrites, I Do Not. Hence, I've spent the entire afternoon procrastinating, instead of using my only free day this week to get some writing done :(

As for the pen part, I've finally resized those photos to post.

First, the ginormous pile of pens that I uncovered, stashed in various locales around the house:

You can just see my fingers in the corner... And I promise, the pile looked bigger in real life. Out of all those pens, I found a few special ones, like these:

The top one I've had since year 10, and you can see it's been well-used. The next is an awesome pencil I got from the university's library when I first started, in 2004. The next one down was a birthday present from a friend. The bottom one is just a plain Papermate Kilometrico - this is my writing pen of preference these days :)

Some other cool things I found:

My awesome frog pen, whose eyes have unfortunately expanded and become funky over the years. How awesomely evil does he look all lit up?! :D

My wonderful medicine-bottle highlighter that hubby found for me at work...

My pencil that I used in kindy! That weird thing next to my (ex)initials is a dog's face, believe it or not...

And last, but by no means least, the pen you've all been waiting for...

The post-it note pen!! Isn't it just the coolest thing ever? It's not actually a pen, it's a yellow highlighter, and it has those cool mini post-it flags build right into the body! I saw the post-it brand name on the bottom initially, and was puzzled - then pulled it out, and was utterly astounded - I'm sure I've never seen it before; it's the kind of thing you'd think you'd remember seeing :)

So anyway, that concludes my pen-ness for the day. It is funny though how people develop pen-preferences - I remember going through a stage in year 10 where I would only use artline felt-tips, and had a friend that I always used to steal them off :D He ended up giving me some for my birthday... heh heh.

So, what about you out there? Do you have a favourite pen or type of pen that you'll pick up to use before any other? What makes for a good pen, in your opinion? Weight? Colour? Type of tip?


Anonymous said...

Oh god, i love the little editing thing. Mostly because i get to put to use all the cool office supply's i find my self buying - OBSESSIVLY. LOL. And i LOVE pens to, i don't know why. I have hundreds of them, I'm millions of colors.


Inkblot said...

Office supplies... *swoons* I totally understand you on that one :D

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