19 March 2008

Logan Appears

So, I appear to have officially decided that BG is on the back burner until it's been world-built better. It's going to be one big, complex story, and I'd like to have a more solid grasp on it going in than I currently do.

I say I appear to have decided, because while I didn't actually consciously decided, the first few lines of Logan (scheduled to be the next wip) appeared in my head tonight - and quickly turned into about 900 words. Nearly the first complete scene :) I intend to complete it after dinner (no, have not had dinner yet, was distracted by computer. Yes, am starving hungry!), and hopefully make a start on the second scene.

Teaser, anyone?

Logan looked up at the wall in front of him. In the nighttime gloom it seemed to stretch up forever, even though he knew it was only as tall as the nearby houses.
"Go on," said his brother, B, from behind.
"No way," said H, shaking his head. "There's no way we can go in there."
Logan glanced left and right to see how the other members of the group were reacting. T looked resonably interested, but the others seemed to be echoing H. He turned to his brother. "I don't know, B. It's asking for trouble."

Yes, the other characters aren't named yet. Deal with it ;)


ajudithpov said...

I understand the whole, world built NEED. I have an obsession to make sure i have a firm grasp on everything, characters, creatures, maps, lands, legends... just ... it doesn't feel right, giving people an epic, describing it to them. And all the while not knowing it yourself!!!

P.S. What is it about office supply's? I mean come on there GREAT I love them... but why?


Inkblot said...

Yeah. I have this major fear relating to worldbuilding - that once I go in, I'll never come back out again :D

Unfortunately, this means I tend in the opposite direction... Not /enough/ world building. Something I'm trying to rectify :D

Re office supplies - I don't know. the potential, I think. You just look at all those shiny supplies, and they just beg to be used... And you just /have/ to buy them so you can do something - anything - with them ;)

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