18 April 2008

Another Progress Report

Tuesday was Wonderful. Absolutely Wonderful.

Just imagine - an entire day, in which nothing has to be done... Mmm...

So, thanks to my lovely 'day off', I have:

* 3,347 new word on Logan, bringing the total to 9,110. That's the first six chapters done and posted. Yay :)

* A new scene for TBAEO, which is really good. I've been slacking on it lately because I've hit a run of three pink (aka completely new) scenes - and we all know how much I love first drafts :S

I also have a whole new bunch of shiny ideas to add to my list, which is growing horribly, horribly long. *stabs shiny, new, distracting ideas*

This afternoon I have lots of homework to do, but will try to do at least 500 words of something, I think. Will see how I go...

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