22 April 2008

Shooting for the Moon

Today's somewhat cryptically titled entry is about goals. You know the saying, "Shoot for the moon; even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars"?


Quite some time ago, over on The Toasted Scimitar, Ardyth posted an article about goals as a way to track not only your progress at getting things done, but also your ability. She gave the example of some goals of her own she rediscovered, goals that she'd written about her writing and that no longer applied, because she'd managed to achieve them. So today, I shall do the same. And hopefully in years (months? *is hopeful*) to come, I'll look back at them and smile, because I had so much to learn...

*Overwriting. This is a really bad habit of mine. Cataloging every single move that the character makes, whether it's significant or not. Gah! Trim, trim trim!!
*Climax-hopping. Jumping from one interesting bit to the next without transitioning properly, leaving the readers thoroughly confused and irritated. Could also be written positively as 'learn to write transitions'.
*Worldbuilding. Integrating it more seamlessly in the writing. Finding the balance - how much is enough?

So those, for today, are my writing goals :) Wish me luck!

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