05 April 2008

Long Time No Post...

Whoops! I see I have been shamefully neglecting this dear little blog lately. All I can do is apologise and blame Real Life; the last two weeks have been rather shocking.


Yes, there is a 'however'.

The last two weeks have indeed been shocking, but, oddly, I've still managed okay with the writing. Here's the report since the last post:

* 5 chapters of TBAEO revised and typed up, including one brand new scene which will help explain Z'a'k'r'y's background better. Am having a lot of fun with this, and wish I had more time to devote to it :)
* Started and completed a new short story, temporarily titled 'Won'. It's a quick flashback into the history of Logan's brother Bran - why he is the way he is :) About 2500 words total.
* Nearly 4200 words on Logan, the current wip. First drafts are awful, horrible little things that ought to run away and die.
* Edited In Search of Freedom, the play. Something (which goes by the names of 'Mercwriter' and 'Capthook' in its various incarnations) has possessed me to actually think about querying this... As well as editing I've formatted the first two acts.
* Added about four new folders to my writing folder, which means four new novel ideas...
* Have another short story in the pipeline, related to TBAEO. Should prove comic %-)

So. It's not astoundingly brilliant or anything, but it's progress, and it means that my total word count for the month of March was 6577, and that for April I'm currently sitting on the beautifully round figure of 1300.

I'm aiming for 10k again this month, which I hopefully should be able to hit if I use my uni 'holidays' wisely.

Of course, it might help if I went and did my uni homework /now/, so I could get onto some writing... Me? Procrastinate? Never... O:)

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