06 April 2008

TBAEO is... Number TWO??

So, in a random conversation over at Critique Circle, an exciting title for a story came up. And, because it seems vaguely related to TBAEO, it was shoved in my direction.

As you may or may not know, I've been trying to think of an alternative title for TBAEO for a few weeks now, and this /other/ title re-sparked the discussion about TBAEO - should I change it to match this fun new title, that will be the next book in the series?

Which of course lead to more title brainstorming... And the creation of /another/ title. (Confused yet?) Which apparently is book one.

Yes, that's right. Book one.

So, long confusing story short, it turns out that TBAEO is actually book two in a three book series. The first book, HNTTOTW, will be about Mercury and Bystar - and just exactly what did happen at the Eye - and the final one, WWTBAM, will relate the future adventures of Deviran and Mercury.

In the mean time, it's going to play havoc with my TBAEO rewrites, because I'll be thinking the whole time - but it's book two! I'm going to have to change so much again!

Not to mention the temptation to go play with shiny ideas rather than doing my homework %-)

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