30 May 2008

The Results Are In...

It appears that majority favour a once-a-week approach. 5-a-week nearly made it there, but not quite.

Honestly, I'd prefer to do more than 1 per week, else all the pipeline articles will take months to see the light of day. But also honestly, I think 5 is going to be too many with all my other commitments, much as I'd like to.

So, from now on, each week you'll get the following from me:

* One article from either Story Elements, Fantasy Elements, Writerly Advice, or any other 'series' I have on the go.
* One Welcome to My Sidebar post, for as long as it takes to get through all my shiny links B-)
* Half a progress report - ie, I'll give you a progress update once every two weeks
* Other miscellania as it occurs to me :)

Which means 2.5 articles per week, plus miscellania. I hope that's amenable to you all :)

Thanks to everyone who voted - I look forward to hearing from you in the comments :)


Merc said...

Sounds good to me, Inky One.

I'm like the queen of random posting anyway, so I admire those of you who keep a schedule. :P


Inkblot said...

Schedule? Schedule? Who said anything about a schedule?

I'm merely going to attempt to keep to a certain number(ish) of posts per week :D

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