30 May 2008

Welcome to My Sidebar: The Toasted Scimitar

"Like in a fantasy pub, you get lots of information and opinions here. No tavern brawls, unfortunately…"

Who: The Toasted Scimitar is run by Ardyth, The Dreaded One (DO); Laurie, also known by her CC handle Aspiration (Aspie), who claims the title of Mission Control; Skip, self-proclaimed Resident Geek; Evil Overlordess Merc; and Sparky, The Feral Biologist.

What: Founded by the original Evil Authors Guild, this is a fabulous blog by fantasy/sci fi writers for fantasy/sci fi writers. Includes book reviews where books are rated as cities and animals, and rants on every topic that might even possibly relate to spec fic writing.

Where: Right here. Or, for those of you who prefer to see your links, it's found at http://toasted-scimitar.blogspot.com/

Why: For me the rants are the highlight, as the quintet have a unique way of looking at the world that makes you reconsider everything you ever accepted as fact. Topics range from eye colour in fantasy, to rules of magic, characterisation, cliches, politics in fantasy and much, much more. The passion these girls have for their various sub-specialisations filters through their rants, and infects you with this fabulous desire to go push your characters off metaphorical (or real, whichever you prefer %-)) cliffs in order to prove that you, too, are worthy of the Evil Author badge.

When: Posting is, from what I can make out, irregular, but as there are five contributors you're guaranteed an eyeful of tasty rantiness more than once a week.


Ardyth said...

Oooooh, reviewness... :D I don't think anyone's ever done us before.

--The DO

Merc said...

Thanks, Inky! :D Great review; we're certainly trying to get back on a regular posting schedule so thanks for the nudge. ;)


Inkblot said...

:D Unintended nudge, but you're welcome. I've been reading you guys the longest, so figured I'd welcome you first ;)

Glad you liked your review O:):D

Laurie said...

Thanks for your review of our blog, Inky. :) Glad you find it entertaining, thought-provoking and worthy of inspiring character torment sessions. ;)

We'll work on our posting schedule.

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