02 June 2008

May Recap

Scary that I typed the title (twice, given I spelled it wrong the first time!) as 'April Recap'. Oich.

So, goals for this month were (laughable):

* Edit to chapter 11 on TBAEO
* Write 4 shorts
* Get to 15k on Logan
* Polish and submit Murder
* Polish and submit Shoe

And achieved this month:

* 1374 on Logan, taking total to 13,710
* 6048 words on The Project, taking total to ~8100
* Two complete shorts, Shoe (1384 words) and Sea Foam & Blood (4378)
* Two partially complete shorts, Finding Bunny and Lightning
* One chapter of Secret Breaker
* Overall total of 17,522 words
* Murder & Shoe both polished and subbed

So a nice, productive month, even though it's been mostly on things other than my official goals! Regarding TBAEO, I'm taking a break from editing it at the moment since it's become the second book. I'm not sure how edity I want to get with it, so will continue if/when the mood strikes, but shan't push.


Anonymous said...

Wait... Are you saying that May is over?
*falls off the face of the earth*
Since when!

Inkblot said...

Argh! You have no idea how much this comment confused me at first! I thought - oh yeah! What am I doing? It's only April! And logged in, all prepared to change the title of the post!!

Argh! It's JUNE!!!! What is JUNE doing here already?


Merc said...

Hahaha... I seriously did not realize it was June until, um, the 4th. :o

Good job on your productivity, Inky. I find that just setting goals can help you get SOMETHING done (procrastinating to work--a tried and true method) even if it's not what you planned/wanted. ;)

And hey, I don't mind that you write on TP rather than other things. :D *is eagerly awaiting chapter 7*

Which reminds me, perhaps I should, you know, do a recap... I think I did one. Or planned to. Months ago...


Inkblot said...

I'm SURE you don't mind if I put life on hold to write TP :P

(Squee, squee!)

Argh, I'm STILL not used to the idea it's June, and it's been June for a week! C'mon brain, into gear!

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