04 June 2008

Welcome to my Sidebar: Chelle's Blog

"One writer's journey."

I thought that this week's blog review ought to be of Michelle's blog, in honour of her first publication. So, here we go :)

Who: Michelle, fondly known as Chelle, is an active member of Critique Circle and a good friend of mine with a fabulous sense of humour. According to her bio on The Shine Journal, Michelle is "wife and mother of three, teaches in Virginia, where her family and fictional characters set impossible tasks for her every day. Balancing home, work and writing, she manages to find time to get it all done." Go Chellie! :D

What: Chelle's Blog is her personal account of her journey through learning to write. You'll stumble across all the various ups and downs of a real writing career in this blog.

Where: here, or here: http://chelle.was-here.org/

Why: I started reading this blog because, well, Chelle is my friend! However, I think that this is a great blog because Chelle is absolutely, 100% honest. She discusses her road bumps frankly and approaches everything with a positivity that is contagious - I can never leave her blog without a smile :)

When: Hard to say, since this is a brand-new blog. Posting seems to be whenever Chelle has news, which averages out to slightly less than twice a week :) Welcome to the world of blogging, Michelle! :)


Merc said...

I really like these sidebar posts about other blogs, Inky! I'm off to check Chelle's out. :D


Inkblot said...

:D I'm actually having a lot of fun doing them, too, so I'm glad someone else gets something out of it :D

And I'm sure Chelle will love to see you over there ;)

Chelle said...

Wow, I was just prowling around and found this. *wipes a tear* thanks, Inky!

Inkblot said...

:D No problem! Glad you liked it ;)

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