08 June 2008

Updatory Things: Changes of Direction

Two direction changes today. Firstly, I seem unable to resist the urge to give weekly updates, so my 'regularly scheduled' blogging will be thrice weekly: One serial piece, one Blog-Of-The-Week, and one update.

Two-thly. The Change of Direction. *sigh* Logan.

*shakes head and determines to cease being cryptic*

Logan. For those of you that have either been reading this blog for a while, or have access to my wips (critique circle...), you'll have heard of one of my wips, Logan. Logan is a prequel-by-several-hundred-years to the story variously termed (at different points in its life) Athara's Search, Search, Messiah, and The Black Gates.

And I've just realised: it's all wrong.

For quite some time now I've been having trouble getting enthused about it; in fact, pretty much since I read Lisa Shearin's Magic Lost, Trouble Found. MLTF is such a great, pacy book (more on that in this week's serial post) that I found myself thinking - boy, my stories are so boring. They drag. Nothing exciting actually happens.

A few days after this, I found myself writing The Project, an incredibly fun little potboiler that I decided to write as a potboiler as an exercise in Making Things Happen. So far the feedback has been extremely positive, so it seems to be working.

And I got thinking about Logan. The MC, oddly enough called Logan, bores me. The chapters bore me. And I developed this sneaking suspicion that the nine chapters I've written, which equate to nearly fourteen thousand words, were all backstory. The story doesn't actually start until chapter ten, when Logan... er, is dragged off to school. (See, no spoilers O:)).

And besides that - did I mention this? - Logan as a character bores me.

So, after some thought and discussion with a critting partner, I have come to a conclusion. Bran, Logan's 'villainous' elder brother is far more intriguing. This means I ought to write the story from his point of view.

I'm yet to get my head around how the story will start from Bran's POV, but I can already feel the tingly excitement at the prospect of getting inside Bran's head. It's one dark, twisty place to be, but at least it's interesting.

And so my change in direction. Let us hope it's for the better. %-)


Lisa Shearin said...

I'm so glad Magic Lost, Trouble Found helped you with your project! : )

Merc said...

It's tough when you realize you have to scrap something like that, but I really like the new Bran-novel idea much better. %-)

Looking forward to it (though I'll take "The Project" chapters first ;)), Inky One.


Inkblot said...

Thanks, Lisa. I am too! :D

Merc - not /so/ tough, given how much I was struggling to be enthused about it! :D

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