06 June 2008

More Congratulations!

Apparently it's the month for them ;)

A huge congratulations to another first time publishee, Ardyth DeBruyn! Ardyth, fondly known as the Dreaded One, is a coauthor of the fabulous Toasted Scimitar blog.

Her flash fiction, Rude Awakening, has been published in this month's issue of Alienskin magazine. I'll certainly be thinking twice before carving things in trees from now on!

Check her story out for yourself here.


Merc said...

Hehehe, yay for more sales! I hope to see a self-congratulatory post in the near future for some of your shorts, Inky one. ;)


Tia Nevitt said...

Congratulations to Ardyth!

I gotta say, I LOVE the name of your blog. I'll be coming back!

Inkblot said...

Merc, so do I ;):P

Thanks Tia, and welcome! :D

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