17 July 2008

I'm Itching

It's now been a week since I've set fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper in a serious attempt to write, and my brain is starting to itch. I've been horrendously busy, with no spare time at all, but the Muse has been tossing me tasty tidbits left, right and centre in an attempt to lure me back to the keyboard.

And today, the itch began for real. I really, truly, honestly feel like I have to write. If I don't, I'll burst.

It would be a horrible feeling - except it's remediable. This afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon, are All Mine. Well, this afternoon I first have to go visit some friends who had their car stolen last night (recovered this morning without a problem, thank goodness). But after that, I'm free to write.

Well, I should probably spend some time with the husband, since I've barely seen him in two weeks, and it was his birthday last Tuesday...

But after that I'm free to write.

Oh yeah, I have dog classes tonight.

But after that..........



Beth said...

Yeah for "The Itch"! It's frustrating when you can't scratch it, though. Hope you got the change :)


Just_Me said...

Free time is not something you have after age 5. What you have is time you take away from something else to get writing done.

Dishes for instance. Who needs to do dishes?

Inkblot said...

Dishes? *ignores pile* What dishes?

Never did get to write on this particular day :| Ah well, maybe tonight.

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