16 July 2008


It seems I haven't done a progress report at all yet for July, which is good, because if I just had to report on the last week's work, there wouldn't be much to say O:)

The first third of the month was great - I wrote over 10k in 10 days. Lovely. However, to make up for it, I haven't written a thing in nearly a week. There are very good reasons for this (snow trips, birthdays), but still... Ack.

Those words have been:

* About 4 chapters added to TP. Way behind where I wanted to be, but a lot better than nothing. I've been stalling in chapter 15 because of some police procedural details - I really need to push past that. But I'm still excited about having a complete plot for this thing. :)
* Short story involving platykies, a new species of mine based somewhat on selkies. Currently titled With This Ring.
* My first ever flash fiction piece! Woo, am I excited about this! An entire story, in less than 600 words :D This one's called Certified, and was inspired by a line a friend dropped on the forums the other day about being certified to raise the dead (she's a doctor-in-training).

On top of the writing, I've polished both With This Ring and Certified and sent them out as my July submissions, and entered the first page of TP into the Are You Hooked? contest over at Miss Snark's First Victim :)

So, even though I feel like I've been slack writing-wise for the past week, I guess I can't really complain :o)


Ashtah said...

Yay for progress! I made some progress too - on my assignment, but I guess that is better than nothing!

Inkblot said...

Huh. Thought I responded to this. Anyway, yay for progress! :)

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