01 August 2008

Eeek! It's That Time Already?!

Well, July has fast come and gone, and it's time for an update again already :)

Here's what I've acheived this month:

* 16,461 words (10,199 on The Project)
* 2 submissions (Certified and With This Ring)
* 3 short stories (Certified, With This Ring and Licence to Fly)
* 2 beginnings of shorts (Guns and Ostriches, Diary of an Octopus)
* At least one other short awaiting time to be written (Afterwards)
* 3 contests entered (Are You Hooked?, Drop the Needle, ANU Short Story)
* 2 new novels ideas (Prodigal, Battersplotch: Without Magic)
* Developed a couple of other novel ideas that have been hanging around, and done a whole heap of worldbuilding (and associated book-borrowing O:))

In non-writing life, I also survived an 18th, a 29th, a weekend at the snow and extra work hours, applying for my own job, sewing various parts of 3 costume dresses, sorting out a timetable (utter fiasco), bought an awesome vacuum cleaner, started swing dance lessons, signed up for an audition in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe: The Musical, started a drama club, and finally managed to extricate the data off my old harddrive.

Yes, for all that it was supposed to be holidays, this has been a VERY busy month.

And what with uni, August and September are set to be even worse....

Bring on October, I say :)

I also received a rather exciting piece of news regarding my writing - but you have to wait until September to hear about that :)


Just_Me said...

What do you mean wait until September??? It's August, not September!!!

Why are you holding out on us?

(is very suspicious)

Inkblot said...

Because I want confirmation before I shout it from the rooftops ;)

(No, I'm not published. You'd have heard me from there if I was. It's related, though ;)%-))

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