07 October 2008

Reading Goals

Yes, this is another slack post this week :D

Merc, over at Merc Rants, has made it her goal to read 100 books in the next 12 months. Agreeing that I also don't read enough, I've decided to join her challenge. However, it will be my own, manageable version of it! I'm not quite as insane as she is :D

I've looked at the list I keep, and in the past 12 months I've read 34 books, including full novels online (but in draft stages) and nonfiction.

In the next twelve months, I'd like to improve on that and read 60 books :) The rules:

* No minimum length, but we are talking books, not pamphlets. So some of the 30-or-so page e-books I counted last time won't count this time.
* No genre specifications, and nonfic is okay.
* I'd like to post reviews, but I'll see how I go :)

Heh, after writing all of the above, I realised a great sub-challenge: to read all the books that I actually own. At the moment I own a lot of books that I haven't had time to read; it would be great to have read them all by this time next year :D I'll try to compile a list of them over the next few days and put it in the sidebar in case anyone's interested, and I'll make my way through them slowly :)

First on the list, apart from research for my celtic britain short, is Malinche by Laura Esquivel, author of Like Water For Chocolate. It's quite literary in style, and is set in Aztec America. I'm a few chapters in, and it's going well so far :)


Angela said...

Best of luck!

Merc said...

Awesome, Inky! :D Looking forward to seeing your list. ;)

Inkblot said...

Thanks Ang!

Merc, I shall work on it tonight. The meeting I thought I had appears not to be on - how sad! :D

Krispy said...

Good luck with your goal! I'm also glad you aren't as crazy as Merc, but then again, not many people are. Haha. She's lovable that way. (I'm a slow, slow reader. 100 is pushing it for me, if I also want to have a life. :P ) I, too, own many many books that I have not read. Perhaps it is indeed a time to remedy the situation.

Inkblot said...

Thanks, Krispy! But you might want to wait for tomorrow's post before making your final call on my craziness or not... I'm seriously wincing.

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