06 October 2008

Link Salad Round Three

Today you get Link Salad, because as this posts, the hairdresser and make-up person will be arriving, and we will be running around like frantic chickens getting Beautiful before the wedding. Posts might be a bit light on this week, but will hopefully return to normal next week :)

So, in the latest rounds of assessment procrastination, here are some goodies I found.

Missing a loved one? Miss no longer - you can now turn your loved ones into diamonds. And never fear, your loved one doesn't have to be deceased - some hair will do. They even do pets!

Some creepy creatures from the sea, like the oarfish, a real live sea serpent, and the gulper eel...

Calculate your real age based on diet, exercise, family history etc. I'm 3.8 years older than my calendar age; I need to exercise more and eat more fruit! (No surprises there!)

Perhaps this site will help me out - it comes highly recommended by my good friend Liana.

Ah well, if all else fails I can do what I jolly well ought to be doing anyway - walk the dog!

And on a writing-related note, I'm not the only one who "hates writing." :)

See you next time - don't forget to Breathe ;)


Just_Me said...

I want an oarfish!!! Aren't they cute? I've only seen a small one before, pickled. And I've seen a saberfish, which look similar.

Just_Me said...

My realAge is 23.1 according to the test. I need less red meat in my diet but everything else seems right :o)

Inkblot said...

Hey, nice work, L! You're young! :)
And oarfish are AWESOME! :)

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