01 October 2008

September: A Month in Review

So, it has been a month of Not Getting Terribly Much Done in the way of writing, but on the other hand it was also the month of Lots of Assessment, and that was mostly all Done, so it's not like I've been slacking :)

While I haven't written much, my word count for the month is more than the month I set my minimum standard by (last December, 6119 words), so I'm happy :)

This month I have:

* Written a total of 6,700 and something words. This has included:
* 3 complete chapters of The Project, plus bits and pieces in other chapters
* The first chapter of (temporary title) Night in the Shards, the second book in my secret assassin series. (No, book one is not written yet *rolls eyes* I'm going to work on it for some of NaNo)
* Some initial work on a non-fic book I'm writing - more on that later this month :)

I have also:

* Submitted a short story to a Christmas anthology
* Begun plotting the first Edge and Gem book, now titled Sanctuary, in preparation for NaNo
* And completely reorganised, sorted, and pared down my stories, creating a new system of tracking progress that's much more efficient, and streamlines the whole process for me :) *happyhappy*
* Oh yeah, and I got an honourable mention in Allegory for Sea Foam and Blood B-)

And now, blessedly, it is October, bringing me one step closer to my longed-for November, which shall contain both NaNoWriMo, and the End of Uni Woes for another four months :) May October fly speedily on shiny gilt wings!


Beth said...

Go, Inky, go! You done good :D

Inkblot said...

Thanks Bethy-moo! :)

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