03 October 2008

Welcome to my Sidebar: Miss Snark's First Victim

A blog for aspiring authors...

Who: Miss Snark's First Victim is Authoress, an aspiring author. She devotes a large chunk of time to running this spiffy blog, and does an absolutely fabulous job of it :)

What: This is a blog dedicated to writers and writing. It's full of great information, both in the posts and in the comments; some really great discussions have been hosted on this blog. And, something which has attracted a lot of new subscribers of late, the contests! The most popular ones are the Secret Agent contests, where Authoress engages a real live agent to judge the first pages of the entrants' work. The first one of these contests attracted over 100 entrants!

Where: Here, or here: http://misssnarksfirstvictim.blogspot.com/

Why: You mean the Secret Agent competitions haven't sent you scurrying over to check it out already? O:)

When: A few times a week, definitely on Fridays :)


Kerryn Angell said...

What a great blog feature! I hope you don't mind if I snag it. :)

Inkblot said...

Not at all! Go for your life :D

Welcome to my blog, by the way :) Thanks for reading and commenting :)

Authoress said...

Wow, I'm a special feature! :D

Thank you. I mean...well....*blush*

"Inkfever" is a cool name, BTW. Kinda captures the rabid side of the writing mind.

Inkblot said...

Indeed it does %-) And my muse certainly knows how to be rabid, especially when I don't let her out for regular exercise!

And you're welcome. The least I can do for providing such an awesome blog :)

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