17 October 2008

This Is Me, Screaming For Joy

*massive grin*

So this is what it feels like. I must say, it feels pretty damn good.

What am I on about?

*more grinning*

I just got my first acceptance :D 'Shoe', a short story retelling of The Red Shoes has been accepted by Les Bonnes Fees. Not sure what issue it will be in yet, so I feel a bit weird making the news public, like I might jinx myself... But eh, it's my first acceptance. A girl's gotta be excited, right?



Windsong said...

I am so happy for you Inky! This is so awesome. Let me know when you find out which issue it'll be in. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Is your face hurting from all the grinning yet?

Lady Glamis said...

*hands Inky flowers and a plate of brownies*

You deserve a HUGE party! You lucky writer, you.


Kerryn Angell said...

So thrilled for you! Congrats. :)

Tia Nevitt said...

Congratulations! They've had one of my stories since May. I hope that means they want it, and not that they accidentally deleted it.

Chelle said...


Yay, Inky Binky!!!!!!! I'm so proud and happy for you!!!!

*\o/* *\o/* *\o/*
Three cheers for you!!!!!!

Inkblot said...

Thanks, everyone! *munches on brownies* Mmm, tasty. My mouth would hurt from grinning except I'm too busy munching brownies... :D

I'll definitely keep you posted about the issue.

Tia, I hope that bodes well for you too!

Merc said...

Congrats yet again! :D (A bit belated, sorry.)

I know what you mean about jinxing it ('tis why I never post on my blog about acceptances until they is finalized, and then, I'm still uncomfortable with it until the story is published O:)) but I agree, first acceptances are squee-and-post-worthy! I can't wait to see it out. :D


Inkblot said...

Thanks, Merkiest. I do hope I haven't jinxed it, but we shall see :S :)

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