07 November 2008

Link Salad, of the Procrastination Variety

First off, the business end.

Heard about Google's recent settlement which will entitle it to make books freely available and searchable over the internet?

Rejection blues? Read here for good reasons to keep your chin up.

An excellent discussion on why many female main characters fail, and how those of us who write them can avoid the inherent pitfalls.

Book marketing: what can it really do for you?

In non-business procrastination, forget the aliens, forget the sharks (L, I'm looking at you!) - haven't I always said it's the cephalopods that will take over the world? :D

How good are your eyeballing skills? My first try yielded 4.30. Post your results in the comments!

Are they good enough to wield these suckers? Mwa ha. Not exactly subtle, though o.O


Chelle said...

43.7 Not good and that was my second attempt!

Just_Me said...

I think my females manage to survive :o) But I think the point is you have to have a character before a gender, otherwise you wind up with a stereotype.

Oh, yes, I'd love an octopi or two. I wonder if I can work them into my series...

Lady Glamis said...

Score: 11.21 Blech. It's early.

And you have officially made me procrastinate my precious writing time. Shame on you and your octupi and really weird high heels.

Inkblot said...

Me? Make people procrastinate? Never....


Just trying to share the love ;):P

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