05 November 2008

NaNoWriMo, Round the First

...In slightly unrelated news, I've finally finished chemistry - for good. This is a highly squee-worthy thing. Trust me.

Right. Nano.

As we all know, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy intact, and my Nano plans are no exception. Recall, if you will, that my primary focus was to be Sanctuary, the MG fantasy novel, and that I intended to include assessment and possibly rewrites of TP in my Nano word count.

Ha. Funny.

First of all, I now have the opening to the first three books in the Edge & Gem series: Sanctuary, Finding Abbi, and The Danger Roads. This consumed me for quite a while as I struggled back and forth between them, trying to get the respective voices right, and getting over the fact that all three books, while centering on Edge, are from completely different POVs. However, I think I've finally settled down on Sanctuary, and will leave the other books for later. I have about 2.5k on the story so far.

Word count: well, if I include assessment etc, my word count is 7k+. If I don't, it's a hair short of 6k. Looking at my progress from last year, as of yesterday (the 4th) I was at approximately the same place. Last year, I had a run of about 4 days where I didn't write at all, between about the 10th and 14th; so if I can't write for the rest of this week due to exams etc, I don't think it matters. I'm pretty confident that I can get to the 50k without having to cheat by using things like assessment and TP rewrites. This is unexpectedly pleasant :)

The final surprise is that Jesscapades has taken off. I have about 3k of it so far, and even though it terrifies me because I have no plot, I'm really excited about it. (Not that, come to think of it, I have a plot for Sanctuary either :S *terror, terror*). The bad guys have show up as POV characters, there's intrigue everywhere you look and nothing is as it seems, and the Muse is firing on all cylinders. It's very exciting.

I've also done a bit of random stuff here and there, in between assessment, which has bumped my overall wordcount up a bit. I'm looking forward to next Monday, when all the stressful part of uni will be over and I can get serious about writing. For now though, back to work, and essays :S Blech!



Lady Glamis said...

Yay for word counts! You are doing well. :)

I wish you luck, Inky. Lots and lots of luck. For me, too. ;)

Inkblot said...

Thanks, girlie. Luck for you, too! :D

Merc said...

Good job finishing chem and on the wc, Inky! :D

Definitely work on Jesscapades--'tis awesome and needs to be finished. :D

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