10 December 2008

Where I Work

So, randomly, I thought I'd show you my day job today :o) The fact that I graduate tomorrow, so am spending the day running around getting gowns and hoods and tickets, leaving no time for proper blogging, is of course beside the point O:)

This is a photo of my work place. I believe you can click on it to get a larger version.

Isn't it preeeetty? All those books!! Whee!

Of course, the photo makes it look much fancier than it is. Really, it's just a big old (leaky) warehouse full of big old (dusty) books. But it is rather huge. I believe we have over 20 kilometres of books :) And there were rumours going around a few weeks ago that we house one third of the entire university collection, which puts us somewhere around 3 million books. It's all very fun :o)

Because the warehouse is offsite (about a half hour drive from the university campus), we don't get many visitors. People request items via the internet catalogue, requesting either a complete volume/book/pamphlet/whatever else, which we package up and send back to campus with the courier each day, or they request an article or chapter from a book, which we scan and send to them. So, scanning makes up the bulk of my job - but I like it, because I have very wonderful bosses who allow us to do whatever we like whilst scanning :o)

Right, I need to go collect my tickets. Have a great day! :)


marieconley3 said...

Have a great graduation! I'm proud of you Inklets!

Anonymous said...

How do you go about scanning all those books? Do you do it on a flatbed scanner? What University are you graduating from?

Inkblot said...

Thanks, Rie :)

Anon - flatbed, yes, sadly. There are rumours of upgrades to pretty book-eye scanners, but methinks they will be sloooooooooow in coming.

And I graduate (again) from the Australian National University ;)

Lady Glamis said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. Now I can imagine where you are when I'm chatting with you. ;)

Well, not for long I guess, huh?

Congrats on graduating!

Krispy said...

OMG! Big Day tomorrow! Having just gone through that back in May, I still remember what that was like. Don't forget to take your camera with you under your gown and something to text message with. I got through the slower parts of the ceremony by exchanging texts with my sister in the audience from the stage. Haha. Savor it! CONGRATS!!! XD

On a random note, my friend did her semester abroad at ANU. She loved it.

Yunaleska said...

Yay inky!

If only those books were fiction...and all yours :D :D :D

Inkblot said...

Yuna - some of them are fiction, but yes, that would be cool. I DO get to borrow a couple of metres of journals for props for the Christmas play on Saturday, which is cool! :D

Krispy - eh, not so exciting. I graduated last year, this year, and will graduate again next year. You've been to one, you've been to them all. Glad it's 'officially' finished, though :) And glad your friend enjoyed ANU! :D

Glam - I'll be working here for another year while I finish up at uni ;)

Krispy said...

LOL. That's a lot of graduating! And you have a point: it's true. One is much like the other.

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