16 December 2008

Who Turned The Lights Out?


Oops, someone turned the lights out and the blog went dark... I sowwy *looks innocent and crestfallen and so positively adorable that everyone forgives immediately* O:) There, isn't that better? :D

Ok, so, I didn't sleep last night due to the Barking Menace, so there will be no meaty post today either. However, blogging will resume as usual tomorrow, and will continue until Christmas Eve, at which point I will take a break over the holidays and return to you on January the 5th. Deal?




marieconley3 said...

No not a deal! Especially if that means no CC!

It better not.

Anyways lots of love.

Lady Glamis said...

Deal with me. :) You need a break!

And do you ever watch Seinfeld??? There's an episode about a barking dog on there. Very, very funny.

But not funny for Elaine, the poor woman who has to deal with the dog. Interesting how it all turns out...


Yunaleska said...

Deal with me too!

Think of this as preparation for when you have kidlets :)

Inkblot said...

*grin* Thanks, girlies. Your blessing (or not) is most welcomed :) 'Tis nice to be loved, I must say! :D

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