21 April 2009

Sincerest Apologies

Summing up the querying process is taking a lot longer than I'd anticipated, especially what with having been away all weekend at a dog show (we did okay, though not brilliantly ;)), and with having spent the last two days working with my uni partner on our presentation that will be worth 50% of our grade.

So yeah. Not a lot of time to deal with my thoughts on the queries.

HOWEVER. The post is in progress, and I can solemnly swear that I'll have it up for you sometime tomorrow :) It's actually a lot of fun, dissecting these letters, and I'm learning a lot. I think. I hope. o.O

In other news, I have an unoffical release date for my ebook, the 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs! And it's close! Hoorah! To celebrate, later in the week I'll be sharing the introduction to the book with you via podcast (You all get to hear me speak! Quick, run while you still can!), and next week I'll be unveiling an awesome competition where you could be in the running to win not one, not two, but THREE FREE BOOKS! :) Very shiny indeed.

So, have a good evening/morning/day/night (depending on where you are, of course), and I'll be back tomorrow with lots of bleeding, dissected queries ;) Fun fun!


Yunaleska said...

Looking forward to it Inky!

Windsong said...

Can't wait to see it, Inky. :D Congratulations!

Lady Glamis said...

Can't wait, Inky! Let me know when that book will be coming out. :D

Inkblot said...

Glam, I certainly will! :)

Thanks for your encouragement, girls :) The query post is now up!

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