23 May 2009

Author(p)ress and Book Faire

So, one of my classes ate me for lunch on Friday, and today my sister got engaged. It's been one crazy, insane, hectic week.

In celebration, some random announcements.

First up, check out Authoress's book trailer! Isn't is SO cool?! The book is pretty darn great too, especially if you haven't yet wet your toes in the ocean of querying.

See? Shiny!

Also, I have another blog! Whee! Well, it's not just mine, but I'm a regular contributor ;)

Book Faire

Book Faire is a brand new blog dedicated to reviewing books in all genres. Each of the listed genres should get a mention once a month, plus there are extras in the form of articles and author interviews. Much shininess. Stop by and say hi!

That's all from me for now. The next two weeks are utterly insane as I finish up my teaching prac, and complete the million-and-one assignments based on said prac. The happy news is that after that I have three weeks of practically nothingness, which I'm greatly looking forward to.

So, I'll try to be around as much as possible, and keep up my regular blogging.... but forgive me please if I fall a little behind.

Go! Say hi at Book Faire! :)

And don't forget to vote on this week's secret poll! The winner of this poll will be up against the winners of the last two to discover May's Grand Winner B-)

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