25 May 2009

Random Progress Report Day

Hey guys! Guess what? I've passed the 3/4 mark for Jesscapades!! Wheehee!!

To be precise, I'm currently sitting on 58,001 words B-) Spiffy, hey? My stats tell me this is about 82% of the way through, since I'm aiming for 70k on the first draft. I'm expecting that to jump by at least another 20k in edits, since my average scene length right now is about 1k, and my alpha readers are telling me - and I'm agreeing when I actually bother to stop and reread things (usually in moments of high procrastination!) - that things are reading short and sparse.

But that's how I draft, so that's no surprise.

There are also a bunch of threads I need to fix up (remember my pretty diagrams?), both in terms of loose ends that have kind of died out and will need to be concluded properly (like what the heck Samson was doing torturing the Interpreter) and threads that have died but will need to die more, as in be completely axed - like Matt and his weird moment of control-over-females-inducing brain blah. Yeah. I know. It's as weird and random and unnecessary to the plot as it sounds o.O


On the whole, things are going well, and now that I'm on the downhill slide things are speeding up. Looks like I should have the draft well and truly done by the time I leave for overseas.

Oh yeah. Did I mention I'm going to Europe and the US for five weeks? O:) :D *bounces* I leave on June 19, but I have posts planned so you shan't languish while I'm away :o)

Anyway, thanks to the snowball effect of Jesscapades' downhill slope, my stats are looking pretty good. Just because I could, and was procrastinating (again), I'll leave you with a shiny graph of my progress since I've started keeping records. X-axis is months of the year, y-axis is word count ;) Also, though I swear I edited this the other day, Series 1 is 2007, 2 is 2008, and 3 is 2009.

Yes. I like numbers. Your point?

PS. VOTE! You have 21 hours left to vote for the secret poll in the sidebar. The winner of this poll will compete against the winners of the last two polls for the month's grand winner. And thanks for getting so enthused with voting on previous polls! ;) :)


Danyelle said...

Yay for progress!

Danyelle said...

There's something for you here: http://myth-takes.blogspot.com/ :D

Krispy said...

Oh, awesome! Go you! Where are you visiting on in Europe and the US? Sounds like an awesome vacation! :)

Inkblot said...

Thanks, Dany! :)

Krispy, I'll post an itinerary before I leave :o)

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