02 June 2009

Farewell May :)

So, May's over. Let us all shout huzzah. I can't say I'm terribly sad to see it go; prac was great, but exhausting. So, what did I achieve during the exciting month of May? Let's see...

Right. Here's the quick stats:

Total word count: 17,269
Words on Jesscapades: 15,382
Words on Festival of Souls: 1370
Words on random unnamed sci fi short: 571
Submissions made: 2
Rejections: 3
Acceptances: 1! Whee hee!

And now, for the random stats of the month:

Times I wanted to kill Jesscapades: 7
Number of characters who randomly took over: 2
Number of other stories who tried to take over: 4
Times I refigured my statistics simply to procrastinate: 3
Days I just didn't write: 16

Random number of the month: 2

As in,

2 break-ins
2 people knocked unconscious
2 broken glasses
2 reports to suspicious bosses
2 confessions of love
2 major revelations

How neat is that? :) And then, of course, there's the two kisses...... Hehe. Yeah, I've written some fun stuff this past month I realise now, looking back. Very shinery indeed B-)

So that's May - and now it's June. I have only one goal this month: finish Jesscapades. I'm sitting on 61,477 words right now, and this first draft should hit about 70k, so it should be doable. I have until the 18th, so that's an average of about 500 words/day, which is only a little over what I aim for generally and quite a bit less than what I managed last month. So. I can do this. Really, I can...



Yunaleska said...

You can totally make June goals!

My goals...yeah edit an entire novel. Piece of cake. *snort*. I'll find a way...

(randomly thinks of Jurassic park quote 'Nature finds a way' when the so called all female herd managed to reproduce).

Merc said...

You can do it, Inky! :D Nice work on May stats. (Yay for acceptances!)

I FINALLY got markers (kinda a necessary tool for the art project I'm working on) so your comic is back on track... %-) Hopefully I will find time/energy to finish around the time you get Jess done... O:)

Inkblot said...

Lol, Yuna. You can do it! :D

Merc - *bounce* Oo! I'm excited and all anticipatory! :D

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