08 June 2009

Hostage Situation

Right now, I'm living in the midst of a hostage situation. Yes, that's right: a hostage situation.

Oh, my! I hear you exclaim. No? *disappointed* Well, just play along with me, will you? O:) So, you're exclaiming, Oh my! Hostages! Why, who has been taken hostage, and by whom, and why, and what do they want??!!

*raises eyebrow expectantly and waits for you to exclaim*

There. Much better. Thank you.

Well, dear reader, draw near *leans forward, whispers creepily and rubs hands together* and I shall answer all your questions.

Who's being held hostage? Why, I am. Of course. Of course.

So, who are the terrorists, and why are they holding me hostage? And most importantly, what do they want?

Well, it's all very simple. The ones holding me hostage are... *glances furtively around, and whispers hoarsely* my characters!

Yes, that's right folks: I'm in the middle of a hostage situation and it's my characters who are to blame. Not just any characters, either: in fact, it's all my characters, from every single story I've ever thought of writing. Ever.

What do they want? They ALL want me to write THEIR stories - RIGHT NOW.

Can you guess that I'm getting close to the end of Jesscapades? Ten points if you did. See, I've got less than 10k to go. Only ten scenes, as I speak. And parts of most of those are written. AND, to compound the matter, I haven't been able to write for the last week, because it's been offically The Most Insane Week of The Entire Year - so every. single. character. that I have is quite literally clamouring at the back of my brain, all wanting to make themselves heard - all wanting to be the next story written.

So here's what I've decided: once Jess is finished (which it should be before I go away), I'm going to take the rest of the year off (writing-wise; I still plan to edit Jess) and write literally whatever jumps on me loudest at the time. I anticipate quite a few shorts, and work on at least three or four different novels; probably more. It'll be very interesting to see who wins in this character-eats-character brain of mine...

But anyway, how about you? Do your characters ever take you hostage? And is it usually just one loud character that's particularly insistent, or do they all take over at once? Please, let me know I'm not alone! :D


Yunaleska said...

Character hostage is common for me. Termion was originally 1 POV. Now its 2. Go figure :)

Taking a break and writing what you want is a very good idea. You go for it!

Liana Brooks said...

I see two options here....

I can send Ice in and let him negotiate. Or I can send Kaminari in and let her kill off all your other characters (all the ones she doesn't seduce).

I can't guarantee the viability of any of the characters after Ice or Kaminari gets in there.

I can't promise Ice won't lose his temper and rip everyone's head off.

But we can try.

Princess Emma said...

My characters often hold me hostage. But lately it's been my two unnamed MCs in a relatively new story of mine. They demand to be named and they demand that I write their story.

Merc said...

My characters don't take hostages. They resort to underhanded means like attempted assassination, blackmail, and straight out rebellion. Not to mention the crossover! OMG, they are infiltrating each other's worlds to mock me! o.O

I like your plan of writing whatever AFTER Jess is done. ;) Should be a fun rest of the year!

Inkblot said...

Yuna - characters are bossy like that, aren't they! o.O

Li - Ha, yes. Send Ice in. Then they won't complain about how bad they have it %-)

Emma - welcome to Inkfever! Thanks for commenting :) Ha, isn't it frustrating when it's the unnamed ones clamouring for attention?

Merc - I wouldn't expect anything less from your characters :P

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